Cameroon is an incredibly diverse country and Volunteers’ experiences are quite varied. If you are interested in learning more about Cameroon or reading about what other Volunteers are up to, I would encourage you to check out some of these other blogs:

Said by Red – Karen is a Community Health Volunteer formerly posted in the jungle that is the East Region and currently residing in the Adamawa.

Maria goes to Africa – Maria is an Agroforestry/Environment volunteer originally in a small village just outside of Garoua in the North. She is now at a post in the Center region, about an hour outside of the capitol.

Bien loin de Montmartre – Laura was a Community Health Volunteer, formerly in the North region, then in a small village in the Adamawa. She has recently finished her service.

Dale Does Africa – Dale was a Community Health Volunteer, formerly posted in the Far North region, then in the Adamawa region at a fairly rural post.

Mobilis in Mobili – Shane was an Agroforestry/Environment Returned Volonteer who used to be posted in the Littoral, and then the North region, before finishing his service in Bamenda, the capitol of the anglophone North West region, working with Heifer International.


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